Retail Shop


My mom, Shannon @moongathering, the master astrologer, and I joined the co-op retail shop at The Rising Co (located in Oceanside, San Diego)! What an honor it is to become a part of this incredible coastal community hub. Thank you Rising Co for welcoming us in! 

What is Rising Co?

A co-op retail shop featuring local designers, Seaborne Coffee, events and co-op work space. It is a family owned and operated establishment ❤️. 

We are offering you an in person Magic Moon Portal! If you are a San Diegian local, portal yourself to Oceanside so you can access your tools to unlock your Moon Magic. 

We are Offering: 

🌑 Moon Dweller Calendar/Journals (of course!)

🌑 Loud and Clear Candles

🌑 Crystal collections Galore

🌑 Cauldrons

.... and much more in the future 🔮

Take a look at the photos below to get an idea of the type of crystals we offer! But product is always changing and what you see here does not mean it will always be in our store. For any questions please email us at: